Conversations in Risk-Based Security

A Ceasefire in the War Between IT and Security Operations

Posted by Lynx Technology Partners on Dec 7, 2020 3:48:45 PM

Friction has existed between IT departments and Security Operations for years. If turf wars and business silos are not the cause, the lack of collaboration and communication will often lead to disharmony between the two. The left hand should know what the right hand is doing and vice versa, but that can only happen if the problems between them are acknowledged and addressed. Check out our recent conversation where Lynx CEO Gina Mahin and Steven Bay, Director of Security Operations and Threat Intelligence at Security On-Demand, discuss how Integrated Risk Management can bring a ceasefire to this friction and turn these teams into partners working toward the common goal of protecting the business.

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Topics: Risk Management, Security, cybersecurity, Shadow IT, Risk Integration, Integrated Risk Management

The Cloud 9 of Threats & Solutions

Posted by Bobby Dominguez on Sep 16, 2016 3:41:31 PM

If you’re in business in 2016, your company most likely uses Cloud services of one kind or another.  You can’t avoid the Cloud, whether personally or for your business.  But with so much empowerment and capability, who wants to avoid it?  However, security remains a serious concern for organizations using the Cloud. The shared, on-demand nature of Cloud computing compounds the ever present  the possibility of security breaches.  Mitigating Cloud risks starts by identifying the top security threats you may face.

At a recent EC Council Global CISO Forum, Lynx Technology Partners' Chief Strategy & Security Officer, Bobby Dominguez,  described some of the most relevant threats as well as risk mitigation techniques that may help your organization function in the Cloud and reduce the risks associated with this rapidly growing technology segment. The discussion not only focused on the threats, but potential solutions, including specific examples of what you can do to manage your Cloud risks.  The presentation titled, "The Cloud 9 Threats & Solutions in 2016," can be found here.

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Topics: Security, Cloud, Shadow IT